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BLS Re 425 183 + 189 by SwissTrain BLS Re 425 183 + 189 by SwissTrain
Re 4/4, Re 425

Data Photographed Locomotive
Road number: 183 + 189
Name: Kandersteg (183) + Niedergesteln (189)
Fabrication number: SLM 5153 (183) + SLM 5045 (189)

Years of construction: 1964-1983
Road numbers (old): 161 - 195
Quantity built: 35
Quantity today: 33 (2012)
Application: freight traffic accross the Lotschberg line
Scrapped: If they have sever accidents

Technical data
Vehicle type: electric four axle locomotive
Manufacturer: SLM Winterthur, BBC Baden
Wheel arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Top speed: 140 kph
Continuous power: 4980 kW
Starting tractive effort: 314 kN
Power system: 15 kV 16,7 Hz
Gauge: 1435 mm

Mass and weight
Length over buffer: 15'740 mm
Width: 2'950 mm
Height: 4'500 mm
Weight: 80 t

Special Features:
Owner: BLS AG (Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon Bahn)
Operator: (Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon Bahn)
Precursor: Ae 4/4
Successor: Re 465

Location: Roggwil-Wynau, Switzerland

Note: Re 4/4 (new UIC designation Re 425) is the universal electric locomotive of the former Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon (BLS), which was commissioned to coincide with the SBB Re 4/4 II in operation. Since the merger in 1996, the locomotives are from the BLS Lötschberg Railway (now BLS) in use.

It was purchased as a universal locomotive with good performance mountain to carry the trains at higher speeds and can completely replace the locomotives of the early years.

Due to the very successful design of the Ae 4/4 to the BLS, the first high-speed locomotive laufachslosen the world, led the BLS and SLM from the new development of this series. This is clearly visible also in the box shape, the arrangement of the accesses to the Lokfront was acquired by Ae 4/4. The chassis is similar to that of the SBB Re 4/4 II, but already there here the similarities to this highly successful series. The force is associated with a differently constructed Tiefzuganlenkung and cable on the rails. Instead Sander facilities owns the locomotive rail nozzles. In many experiments with partly foreign locomotives Re 4/4 is still their enormous power on the mountain to the test. A 630-ton train, the locomotive on a 26 - carry ‰ slope at 80 km / h. The pulling force is 226 kN hours at 77.5 km / h Thus, at that time, because of the thyristor controller equipped with Re 4/4161 completed demonstration and test rides on the Semmering still very successful ÖBB developed 1044th

The control of the drive motors via the BBC transformer tap changer with air motor to the diode rectifier. The electric brake, up to 800 A braking current causes, using the roof resistors. The locomotive can operate with all types of locomotives, multiple controllable BLS in multiple control. First it was therefore used in heavy express service. Gradually, people began to the older models of the types BLS Ae 6/8, BLS Ae 8/8 and BLS Ae 4/4 by the Re 4/4 to replace. Today they are in transit, freight and commuter trains to be found in the car train.

The Re 4/4 can be used together with the Re 465 and Re 485 for freight, also they associate with control car on the S11 (Bern S-Bahn), between Interlaken and Zweisimmen and the car moves Kandersteg - Goppenstein and Iselle. Previously they garnered trains of long-distance passenger traffic. The locomotives 162-181 include the accounts BLS Cargo, but are used together with the other 15 locomotives. 170 to 190 are equipped with ETCS and can thus (as the leading power car) the Lötschberg Base Tunnel and the Mattstetten - Rothrist ride. 191 to 195 are equipped for passengers with Railvox devices.

As the multiple control of the Re 425 is not compatible with the system IIId is, with the assumed by the SBB EW III (for RE Bern - Lucerne and Neuchatel) are fitted, meanwhile, 12 Re 4/4II (and 5 more control car) SBB for passenger transport (S-Bahn Bern) accepted and classified as re 420.5.

On 4 August 2007, the Re 4/4 170, 175, 184 and 187 were seriously damaged in an accident in the yard Biel. The 187 has been scrapped, the other engines were built by the end of 2010.

All locomotives bearing the emblem of a community, performs a range of former BLS group. The original BLS formed until 1996 along with three other private railway companies, the BLS group, a joint business. The rolling stock was classified at that time in a common numbering scheme, the formal owner of the locomotives were against the individual companies. Four locomotives were therefore written not with BLS, but with the initials of the former owner car.
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