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SBB Re 4-4 II 11224 by SwissTrain SBB Re 4-4 II 11224 by SwissTrain
Re 420, 421

Type: SBB Universal-Locomotive Re 420, 421 (Re 4/4 II)
Producer: SLM Winterthur, BBC Baden, MFO Zürich, SAAS Genève
Build date: 1964 (Prototypes) 1967-1968 (1st Serie) 1969-1985 (2nd Serie)
Quantity: 277 (built) 259 (working in 2005)
Number Photographed Train: Re 4/4II No.11224
Number after UIC: Re 420 101-349, Re 421 371-397
Number Classic: Re 4/4 II 11101-11349, Re 4/4 11371-11397 (not constant)
Operating Weight: 80 tons (Re 420), 85 tons (Re 421)
Swiss Axis Formula: Bo’Bo’
Length over buffers: 14.8 meters (Prototypes) 14.9 meters (1st Series) 15.41 meters (2nd Series)
Height: 4.5 meters
Width: 2.97 meters
Power: 4'700 kW (~6'320 PS)
Max. Speed: 140 kph, 120 kph (Re 421)
Electric System: 15 kV 16.7 Hz, + DB/ÖBB
Starting tractive effort: 255 kN
Hour attraction: 167 kN
Discarded, Scrapped: since 2007
Home: Switzerland
Operator: SBB CFF FFS

Location: Bern Mainstation, Switzerland

Note: Locomotives with great power or Records or other popularity never have the problem not to be preserved. Many of you maybe think that there’s no problem that the will be historic Re 4/4 II ... but I’m not so shure about.
The Re 4/4 II is the Working-horse of the SBB now operating for about 40+ years, an that’s the problem she is so „normal“. Since 2004 they are modernised with air con and revisioned.
Here you have a full article about her, but it’s only german [link] (Re 420, 421 and 430)
The Re 421 is a remodeling for using in Germany by SBB CARGO Germany, she has Indusi an is built for Right-traffic.
The No.11101 is the last prototype posessed by the SBB, she is working in Basel in the „Cleaning-Street“, all Re 4/4 II are displaced in Lower-work and rarely used for passenger services. 12 Re 420 where sold to the BLS, and are used as 420 501-512
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